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Browser issues and solutions

We are using the most recent technology and we are always trying to update, but you still might experience technical issues when using Wittix.

  • The most basic issue you may have could be related to the browser you're using, Try to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as Wittix works best with these browsers.
  • The next possible issue and solution could be related to the cookies or your local cache. We recommend enabling your cookies option and clearing both cookies and cache of your browser. In case this doesn't work, we recommend using Incognito Mode (Private Browsing).
  • Occasionally, Ad-blockers or other extensions installed in your browser can cause issues regarding the presentation of our page. If you have any these installed, please switch them off while using our website in order to surf without any changes or third party extensions.

If all the mentioned above doesn't fix your problem, then we may have a technical issue that we are doing our best to solve as quickly as possible. On the slim chance that our technical team is not already aware of the issue, please report to our support so that we can identify and solve the issue quickly.

Please include in your communication a print screen or snapshot of your console in your browser with a detailed description of the problem as this will help us find the source so we can get to work to fix it. We will be sure to keep you updated regarding the progress.

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