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My mobile number is correct but I'm not receiving an SMS with verification code

We have compiled here the most common reasons why our SMS has not arrived and what you can do about it.

  • You don't have a signal on your phone. In this case you may see a "No Service" signal from your current provider or "Searching" for a provider on the top corner of your screen - Try to move somewhere with a better signal or try to restart your phone.
  • In case you are out of the country in which you are living, your roaming mode may be blocking incoming international SMS’ as part of your roaming package. Try using your default local provider, if you can.
  • If you are located in a crowded place, such as an arena, there may be overloads to the local antenna causing reception problems. Try to move somewhere else or try later.

If you are already a registered Wittix customer, you also have the option to wait 45 seconds until the resend code option becomes available and then select to receive an email notification to the email that is verified for your account.

In case the above mentioned doesn't fix this issue, please feel free to contact our support anytime by email and detail your current phone model, service provider, and phone number and we will call you to assist you as soon as possible.

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