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What does physical presence and proof of address mean?

Physical presence documented with a proof of address is an essential prerequisite for opening a Wittix business or personal account.

This proof of address must not be older than 90 days and include the name and physical address. The following are the preferred forms of proof of address:

  • Utility bills (Electricity, Water, Landline telephone bills).
  • For individuals a current rental agreement
  • For businesses, the rental agreement for the office the company operating from.
  • Three consecutive invoices and the contract from a co-working space provider.
  • Employee payslip with proof of the employee's address in the EU/EEA in addition to their ID showing their right to reside in the EA/EEA.
  • Bank statement.

Wittix can accepts also the following documents which may require for additional clarification:

  • National Companies Registry extract including operating address.
  • Contract with a customer outlining the range of goods or services and the place they are provided.
  • Government correspondence (We are not accepting correspondence from HM Revenue, Customs or Companies House).

In the case that you are working from home, you can use your personal address and we accept the above or one of the following:

  • Television license (Not mobile television subscriptions).
  • Rental payment confirmation (Invoice/ Bill confirmation).
  • Government correspondence.
  • Rental agreement for your home.

Please remember that in case you share an office, we may ask for additional proof of your operating business address.

We are not accepting any kind of invoices, bills that are not under your name, accountant letters or company formation service addresses.

In case you have another proof of address letter that is not mentioned in this page above, please contact our support and we will see if we can accept your documentation.

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