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All In One Solution to
Accept Online Payments

Transform how your business is built and run and accept payments on any device using popular payment methods.

Grow your business faster and expand globally using our fully integrated platform.

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Monitor Transactions in Realtime

Wittix Payments platform provides a transparent and high level overview of all transactional data, right down to a single transaction of a PSP or payment partner.

Powerful Analytics

Business is all about decision making. Our statistics and analytics interface allow you to generate extensive reports that enable you to make the right decisions each and every time. The innovative reporting tool works with several metrics, filters, data to give you custom reports that make sense to you and your business.


Comprehensive Range of Mobile and In-App payments

Wittix Payments makes in-app and browser-based mobile payments easy. This offers shoppers the option to pay with our full range of key payment methods, including all major card schemes, mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay™ plus all other local methods.

Our API driven integration makes it simple to optimize local payment methods so that the payment process can be initiated in-app. This delivers unparalleled customer satisfaction for a painless experience.

imgRegulation and Compliance

When it comes to data storage, we take compliance and adherence to the strictest security standards very seriously. The storage of credit card data enables a faster and user-friendly checkout process for our end users. This results in a higher conversion rate and stronger customer loyalty.


Always Up To Date

Wittix Payments platform is always up to date with the latest trends in technology as well as compliance to local and international regulations. We use the latest encryption technologies that adhere with PCI-DSS requirements 100%. We see the future before it happens so you can be rest assured we fulfil your needs as your business and industry grows or changes.


Manage Risk and Fraud with Confidence

Our all in one platform helps you easily detect fraud, whether this be online, in store, in app or wherever else your business goes next.

Our proprietary Risk Engine makes it possible to prevent and discover fraudulent activities and payment risks before they are committed.

In addition to these basic checks, we automatically process refunds, chargebacks as well as detect friendly fraud and money laundering. The best part about it all is you can request a fraud report at any time and see, in real time the potential of any risk and fraud your business is exposed to.


Virtual Terminal

"Card Not Present" scenario is No Problem for Wittix Payments through our Virtual Terminal. This means payments can be made via telephone or email, without the card being physically present. We also bulk-process these "Mail or Telephone Orders" (MoTo) transactions, typically from call centre agents using this versatile virtual terminal.

Our smart routing, balancing and cascading features are versatile:

Multi Card Support
Wittix Payments is designed to handle most card types including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex.


Reduced Decline Rates
Enjoy lower decline rates as a result of geographical proximity (local payment methods) of issuers and acquirers.


Optimized Conversions
Optimized conversions for individual payment methods in specific markets.


Automatic Fall-back
In case of failed transactions, Wittix Payments is geared and ready with fool proof fall-back solutions.


Flexible Pricing
Volume driven pricing tiers that remain competitive as your business scales


Peace Of Mind
In the event of any outage, financial institution failure or server crash, all your crucial data is 100% retrievable through our Back Up solutions

PCI Compliant Payment Pages Made Easy

Our Wittix's Frontend Application Server incorporates not only aesthetic and visually stylistic pages but an impressive part of the logic. This makes for endless possibilities and versatility form smart payment method pre-selection to customisation to match the look and feel of your corporate identity. This allows you to offer a streamlined payment workflow with PCI compliance already built in.

Intelligent Engine

Our checkout pages automatically and intelligently detect your customer's current geolocation and dynamically displays their language, preferred currency and available

Customisable Checkout Pages

Our payment pages are not only ready to use but are fully customisable to match the look and feel of your brand or website. Our theme editor, coupled with our comprehensive suite of predesigned templates, makes it super easy to design your checkout page and select the right colours, images and fonts.

Military Grade Reliability

Integrating with Wittix Payments gives you full control over design and customer data, but have card information encrypted before it passes through your system, reducing your scope of PCI compliance. We also enable businesses to integrate easily with local payment methods.

Complete Integration

Wittix Payments offers a complete end to end payment journey, from the moment your customer pays, to having the money reflected in your account. This allows you to maximize payment success and optimization rates without any third party licenses and no hidden fees or add-on costs.

Count On Us

We've partnered with the wider payments industry which includes local banks, major card networks, PCI council and more, to offer you industry know-how and expertise to tackle and overcome any obstacle that your business can encounter.

Automated Reconciliation and Statements

White label clients will love the included settlement function which makes it easy to see the payment amounts expected form each provider. This, together with our reconciliation handling feature via Wittix gateway, makes comparison and consolidation of transaction data simple. This reduces the data to a common denominator, a feature unmatched by any competitor in today’s market.

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