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Driven By Innovation

Wittix is built on the principles of innovation using continuous improvement and creating opportunities. This means a series of small innovations in every section of our business keeps our platform healthy and efficient while operating at the highest level.

But we don't just stop there... we keep updating and upgrading ourselves by spending significant amounts of time and resources to keep our technology updated and future proof.


Always Available

Our Marketplace Manager is a perfect example of how innovation allows us to create a network and offer improved payment methods that support your business better. Wittix creates new ways to bring insight that makes logical sense of business intelligence data so you can find easy solutions to every day payment related challenges.

Maximum Uptime

Wittix boasts the industry’s highest availability of above 99.99% uptime of our platform. We take no shortcuts when it comes to service uptime because we realise your business is more valuable when all payment systems are up and running.

Our fully redundant hardware with active/active configuration ensures maximum availability of our services. Our leading-edge software ensures maximum availability of services with minimal downtime for maintenance. All this means your business will always be up and running.


  • Strategically located data centres in different parts of the world, each with data synchronisation for quick recovery in the case of service outage.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the network connectivity for continuous operation
  • Early detection and resolution of performance variations and irregular behaviour from the several multi-geolocated data centres
  • Completely scalable platform that matches to the highest demands at maximum peak times.
  • Maintenance with No Impact on downtime.

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