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Detect Online Fraud Easily

Risk management is at the heart of Wittix Payment solution. Whilst we recognize loyal shoppers our S.M.A.R.T system provides you the protection required to reduce fraud. We use a data-driven approach to block fraud using our bespoke risk management engine.

This means you will reduce manual work and have full visibility of all transactions using a smart fraud system that combines rule-based components with the latest in machine learning.


Interactive Case Management

Wittix Payment's interactive case management system makes it easy for merchants to work with our Wittix Fraud Support team. This feature allows us to manage any fraud or chargeback case from within the system, without the need to write and send in emails which are at risk of getting lost in congested inboxes.

This allows your business to independently review transactions, flag users, issue refunds plus a whole host of other tasks including:

  • Single portal to handle all cases
  • Flexible rules customisation to match your corporate look
  • Real time blocking of fraud patterns
  • Real time manual fraud-scrubbing technologies
  • Reduced false positives and fraud damages

Intelligent 3D Secure Workflow

When it comes to approving or declining transactions, 3D secure need not be a spanner in the works. With Wittix Payments you are able to automatically and intelligently decide whether a payment should be routed to 3D processing or not. This decision is based on a smart algorithm rule coupled to a number of transaction parameters. As a result, all suspicious traffic that has been identified is routed to 3D Secure while the remaining traffic continues as per usual to complete their purchase.

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