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Extensive Network of Acquirers

Deliver a consistent experience that keeps customers coming back for more through our single integration payment solutions. Wittix Payments gives you access to a vast network of global acquirers and payment providers enabling you to apply them efficiently. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if something changes with one interface, we go ahead and update it without you having to do anything.


Rapid Growth in Entertainment

Customer experience is vital to growth, especially in entertainment. When a customer lands on your website you need to ensure what you offer is crystal clear and delivers a great experience enabling visitors to proceed to checkout. Wittix Payments handles all subscriptions, coins, performer pay outs and streaky traffic challenges with ease. Most importantly of all, you need a reliable partner like us to protect you against fraud and payment failures.

Subscription Based Services

Wittix Payments offers recurring and subscription payments and support for all types of subscription-based business models. Take the burden out of collecting payments and increase authorization rates for both credit cards and key local payment methods.

We validate and authorise payments automatically and always keep the customer's credit card information updated.

Risk Aversion in Dating Industry

Our risk engine indicates the level of risk to the dating app business owners. This industry is traditionally known to have a high transactional risk by many acquirers. We make juggling chargeback rates and routing volumes to specific solutions, super easy.

Gambling Regulation Compliance

The gambling industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries. When you need a payments provider that makes compliance with regulatory aspects easy and manageable, you need Wittix Payments. Our gateway uses detailed risk tools which can be easily synced with your existing external services to help you reduce exposure to fraud.

Multi-Device Online Shopping Experience

Accept payments on any device with all popular payment methods and grow your business faster around the world.

Drive conversions by supporting local payment methods, which you can serve up dynamically based on your customer's country, currency and value of purchase.

Create a mobile checkout experience your customers will love in minutes with our quick integration that's streamlined and ready to take payments right away.

Online Gaming

The fast-growing online gaming industry is experiencing advanced innovation which has seen free-to-play models, in-game currencies, loot boxes and micropayments become standard. Wittix gateway not only provides you with the flexibility to be able to implement these latest trends but be able to deploy them with speed whether at global or local level.

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