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Now you can easily manage and track your expenses all in one place

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Easily manage your everyday expenses

You can view all the company’s and personal expenses online and manage a large number of debit cards. For your convenience, you can easily assign each debit card to a specific type of expense (e.g., managing advertising campaigns for Google and Facebook ads, etc.)

Using our advanced interface, you can monitor in real-time every transaction made on each card.

Track and get insights on your spending

Get an effortless breakdown of your finances based on categories and merchants to make well-informed decisions about the day-to-day expenses of your business.

Make your employees much happier with Wittix Payroll Cards

Give your employees debit cards under their name and manage them through Wittix’s unique interface.

Your pay is automatically loaded onto the card and is available to use right away.

Saves time and offers employees a better way to get paid (e.g., salary, bonuses, business expenses, etc.)

You can easily manage and track all employee’s expenses.

Personal Wittix card with unlimited possibilities

You are a private person and not a business? Great news, Wittix has a perfect solution for you.

Start spending with Wittix
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